Version 1.4  Mon Sep 08 17:24:21 EST 2014

    - Bug Fixes

        - I stopped using the saved[3,4] cvars for game mode and options because they don't get reset
          each time they're used like levels and console commands.

        - Fixed a potential crash with the houngan rune.

        - Provided a workaround for a bug that prevented you from respawning while holding the phoenix rune.
          Thanks to Mr. Happy (qw) and Cobalt (poq) for reporting the bug.

        - Fixed the trace damage of the lightning gun so that it starts at the gun and not at the waist.

        - Drop hook during intermission fix for Cobalt.

        - Logic fix for 'setafk' console command.

        - BFG warm-up during intermission fix from Cobalt.

    - Changes

        - I halved the weight of a 'no' vote so that it now takes 2 'no' votes to cancel a 'yes' vote.

        - Pet zombies can no longer be frozen.

        - Prevent a shambler or zombie from burning, freezing, etc., when its owner drops the rune
          or leaves the server.

        - Removed the temp1 bit setting to prevent vote-hook. Use votehookon/votehookoff instead
          from the console or startlevel.cfg.

        - You can no longer change hook type with temp1 bit setting. Instead, use hookon, lithhookon,
          or hookoff from the console or in startlevel.cfg.

        - Added gib to head in head hunters mode when head has timed out. Also randomized
          its timeout at the altar.

        - Added a new vote option: vote-powerup-hats.

        - Prevent voting for shootable buttons on levels without them.

        - Replaced reflective rockets with guided missile.  [requires manquake]

        - Prevent exiting level until round is over and next opponent selected in rocket arena mode.

Version 1.3.79  Tue May 07 15:15:08 EST 2013

    - Rune Quake Source Code

        - Rune Quake source code is now on github:

    - ManQuake Source Code

        - ManQuake Dedicated Server, a modified version of ProQuake that I use for my server, is now available
          on github:

    - Changes

        - The show-riders command tells you the status number of the ridee whichs helps
          detect imposters.

        - All admin actions are logged to console.

        - Allow queued observers to vote in arena mode.

        - Implemnted engine side banning. [requires manquake]

Version 1.3.72  Tue Feb 08 04:18:16 EST 2011

    - Bug Fixes

        - Fixed some rune oddities in modes where runes generally aren't used.

        - Tweaked the vampire rune to prevent excessive frag build-ups.

        - Noticable specifically on DM5, when you jump up to the pent you would get stuck if you
          tried to jump up too close to the opening in the wall.  [FIXED]

        - Fixed depreacted usage of the tail command in Makefile.

    - Changes

        - Added 'setafk' as console command using 'skill' to set minutes.

        - Added 'maxrunes' to the list of console commands. Works just like setafk except the value
          is between 1-63. The temp1 bits are still the same and work in conjunction with this.

        - If you explicitly deny custom or standard maps you will not be allowed to vote
          for them without using the NOEXIT_VOTE_ALL_MAPS.

        - Added new command vote-shoot-buttons to toggle shootable buttons.

        - Map names length changed from 8 to 12.

        - You can now vote for options while in the queue in match mode, except during a match.

Version 1.3.61  Sun May 03 00:46:44 EST 2009

    - Bug Fixes

        - When riding a player who disconnects during intermission and you are
          in fast/high track mode, you lose your ridee. [FIXED]

        - Joining the game as observer while in lava or slime would cause damage
          when you joined the game. [FIXED]

        - The custom maps code sends the aliases for small, medium, and large at
          different intervals to prevent both client crashing and console
          overflow. This now increases the total number of maps to 197 for normal
          Quake/ProQuake servers, and 297 for my modified engine.

        - Prevented vote-team in match mode.

        - WEAPON_CHARGED_OFFSET in settings.qc wasn't referenced to anything but
          works now. Use VEC_ORIGIN ('0 0 0') for no weapons up.]

        - Fixed a rare bug with weirdness rune and shamblers that caused
          the server to crash.

        - All teams are removed when match is aborted in match mode.

        - Mode switch voting wasn't working properly in Quakeworld.

        - Vote commands now work in Dark Places.

    - Changes

        - Added head hunters mode (vote-heads).  This mode is based off of the mod
          Head Hunters.  It's still in the development stage because I need more
          people to play it and give me feedback.

        - Type help-"deathmatch, teamplay, noexit, temp1, or scratch1" in the server
          console to get a list of the various options available and whether they're on or off.

        - Typing "commands" in the server console displays every available server command.

        - Mod officially supports in-game banning without any server-side modifications.

        - Improved the tornado rune trajectory.

        - Added the command 'never' to always vote no. Use the command again
          to toggle this feature when a vote is not in progress.

        - Recently played levels require a greater vote percentage.

        - Players are prevented from voting too ofen.

     	- Added new player commands: vote-rune-drop, vote-lg-discharge,
          vote-classic-mega, vote-random-spawn.

        - Added new server commands: mode, modelock, modeunlock.

Version 1.3  Tue Jan 01 00:56:52 EST 2008

    - Bug Fixes

        - A shambler seeking retribution is no longer invincible while its owner has
          spawn shield.

        - The /O2 command line option is no longer required to compile.

        - The gas grenade wasn't hurting your opponent when the gas and the
          player were in the same room.

        - Added extra spawn spots for rocket arena maps with only one spawn.

    - Changes

        - Match will timeout with more than 2 players in rocket arena or
          midair mode.

        - The mod no longer adjusts your field of view (FOV).

        - Added new commands: faststart, help-options, killstats, lock, midair, stats,
          unlock, vote-backpacks, vote-midair, vote-powerup-drop.

        - Added a new mode called midair.  The physics of the game are exactly like
          the original, however, instead of having a timed match where only two players
          fight, the mode switches opponents after each death, just like rocket arena.

        - Server aim is disabled regardless of what sv_aim is set at.

        - You can no longer bind the default keys via the menu; use bind-keys or
          bind-default-keys instead.

        - The letters AFK are appended to your name in +showscores and GLQuake HUD
          when you are idle for more than 5 minutes.

        - Let players who disconnect during a match rejoin the game by pressing 2
          or typing 'ready'.

Version 1.2  Sun Jul 02 17:15:27 EST 2006

    - Bug Fixes

        - The haste rune had no effect on lavagun.  The flames now shoot straight
          instead of fall to ground when yielding the haste rune.

        - If you killed a player who activated divine wind during the last 0.5 seconds
          of the countdown, he wouldn't explode.

        - The cloak rune's sonar feature was detecting environmental protection
          suit/rune holders.

        - If you tried to fire a rocket and toss a fire trap at the same time,
          your rocket would explode when it made contact with the flame projectile.

        - Picking up armor with requiem rune didn't extinguish you if you were on fire.

        - Spawn shields are now protected from gravity wells.

    - Changes

        - Added new commands: vote-armor-drop, help-match,

        - Level restarts itself after 6 hours.

        - Added autostats command to dump the output of the efficiency command every time
          the level is over.

        - Added pq_smoothcam support for proquake and compatible clients.

        - ProQuake users scoreboard pings are now updated every second instead of every
          five seconds.

        - Added CRMod style match mode.  Related commands: help-match, vote-match, ready,
          notready, observer, and timeset.

        - Athlete rune holder now runs 10% faster than everyone else.

Version 1.1  Mon Jul 25 08:51:26 EST 2005

    - Bug Fixes

        - The anti-pack rune wasn't switching to your best weapon when your current
          weapon was an alternate weapon and had been removed.

        - The switch rune bug which causes your head to permanently tilt has been fixed.

        - I finally tracked down the bug that would cause players to stick together when
          one of them was caught in ice/glue.

        - Fixed vote-team yet again in Quakeworld.

        - A hooking monk is now vulnerable to attacks as if he was walking.

        - When I added a wider BFG Zap radius to Thor and Electric rune, I made a
          a typo which prevented zapping under normal circumstances.  This is fixed.

        - In Quakeworld, when the level changes and team mode is on, you are no longer
          killed for switching teams.

        - When a player disconnects during intermission, the player entity now gets
          reset properly.

        - Vampire no longer rots twice as fast when picked up after rotting health.

        - Potentially hazardous bug fixed with the hunk allocation code.

        - All of the hunk specific commands (ex: last, level-time), now check to make sure
          HUNK_CONTEXT_MAX exists before proceeding.  This prevents massive dprint() messages
          from appearing before it is set.

        - Dropped clients no longer leave quad/pent hat behind.

        - Practice mode wasn't displaying your attacker's health when killed.

        - A major bug that originated in id's code was fixed pertaining to the lightning
          gun.  The bug allowed multiple shafts, which where invisible, to be present
          on the level.

        - Ice traps/blizzard no longer make jumping noises when frozen.

        - Level voting no longer returns invalid impulse when enter key is bound.

        - Using rcon  while infokey_maps is set will no longer crash the server.

        - The cvars skill and crosshair are no longer used to store information about the
          server's new console commands.  These commands were conflicting with valid commands
          only used when the server is run in listen mode.

    - Changes

        - If a player is lagged out, you'll see a broadcast message indication

        - The server console can now check player pings using 'sping'.

        - There's a new rocket arena mode (vote-arena).  The mode is compatible with arena
          maps but they are not required to play.

        - Damage and hook now activate buttons.

        - The team scores are now visible in the engine HUD when the server is in team
          mode.  This is a proquake feature, so you'll need to use proquake or compatible
          engine to see this.

        - There is a new team releated command called +teamscores.  You use this command
          as you would +showscores and it will display the team colors and the total

        - The following runes were made team friendly; glue, blizzard, anti-pack, and
          tornado.  The anti-pack and tornado particle color will be replaced with the
          owner's team color.

        - Team mode now ends when the total frags of the team reaches the fraglimit and
          not when the first person to hit the fraglimit does.

        - Pets no longer trip your teammates traps.

        - The +sattack-best command will fire LG under water when holding thor rune.

        - Sonar rune has merged with cloaking.

        - A fire walker can walk in low levels of lava without damage.

        - You can't activate rune when caught in glue.

        - Shootphobia (weirdness rune) prevents hook usage.

        - You can only get caught in one ice trap or glue spot at a time.

        - The remove-frags command will remove negative frags in you are an observer.

        - Shamblers and zombies feel the effects of weirdness.

        - The mortar (alt-7) has been replaced with reflecting rockets.

        - The vote system had a complete overhaul and created dozens of new player and
          server commands.  See files Playing and Configuring for more details.

        - CRMod style intermisson_pos when level change is done by admin or by server

        - Punchangle is no longer used in weapons attacks eliminating weapon jitter.

        - Genuine QSmack clients don't receive entity updates from the engine.

        - Quakeworld particles for death spots are now smaller (normal).

        - Added requiem rune.

        - Telefrag deflect limit removed.

        - The tornado and betty runes are now ammo dependent instead of having a preset limit.

Version 1.0  Fri Apr 30 23:19:17 EST 2004

    - Bug Fixes

        - The switch rune no longer switches your keys.

        - The blizzard and ice trap code was adding an extra 0.5 second firing delay after
          the release of a frozen victim.

        - The vote-hook command doesn't reset the hook when update_cvars() is called (QW).

        - Shamblers no longer attack you while they are frozen.

	- The ascii character for the right pointing arrow was not being displayed in some QW

    - Changes

        - Type 'level-time' in the server console to see how much time has elapsed
          on the level.

        - Added the option to rotate armors.   You can turn this option on by adding the
          bit DM_ROTATING_ARMORS to the deathmatch cvar.  You can control the length of
          the rotation as well as the order in settings.qc.

        - Players wear a quad and/or pent hat if they pick up the corresponding power-up.

        - The hook no longer attaches to the spawn shields.

        - Admins can change to practice mode.

        - The mode now supports the 'localinfo  ', for custom map rotation
          in Quakeworld.  Type 'localinfo infokey_maps 1' in the server console to enable.

        - The Thor rune can fire under water/slime/lava and has a wider BFG zap radius.

        - The electric rune does half damage from the lightning gun.  The damage is actually
          converted into cells.

        - All of the exit walls, even in custom maps, are removed automatically when
          the server is configured to do so.

        - Sonar uses my interpretation of feet instead of the default unit of measure.  I
          use the tiles in e1m2 (by quad) to judge what 1 foot is.

        - Athletics rune carries an extra 25 health.  You also get a bonus of 25 health when
          you pick up the rune.

        - Admins can type exit-level in the middle of a vote to force the voted level instead
          of a random one.

        - Betty launches on death.

        - Added a new option to prevent lingering on the ceiling with hook.  See settings.qc.

        - Weakened the magic shotgun, it is still slightly higher damage w/ direct shot
          than shotgun.

        - I added "(menu off)" on the main menu to make it easier for new players.

        - Increased the default hook speed from 1000 to 2500 in settings.qc.

        - There are two new weapons: Magic Shotgun (ALT-2) and the Gas Grenades (ALT-6).

        - There are 9 new runes: anti-pack, telefrag deflect, bouncin' betty, tornado,
          super blue stuff, blizzard, thor, sniper, and sonar.

        - All votes expire instead of cycling a message every two minutes.  The life
          expectancy of a vote is between 30 - 45 seconds.

        - To vote for a specific level, type its name in the console.  To acknowledge a vote
          you can type the voted level name or 'vote-exit'.  For a list of standard levels,
          type 'levels'.  For custom maps, type 'custom'.

        - The mod now supports custom levels!  To view what levels are available on the server,
          type 'custom' in the console.

        - All of the levels that have exits teleport you to either a fixed location or a random
          location throughout the level.  The levels start, e1m1, e1m7, and e2m6 have fixed

        - Many of the client commands (show-settings, show-players, etc.) work from the server

        - You can set the admin passcode in Quakeworld by using localinfo gamecfg  (QW).

        - The mod detects if a proquake client (or client based on the proquake source) has connected
          to the server.  Only admins will see this message.  This is by no means an accurate way
          to determine a legit client.  I was just curious to see how many people are using proquake.

        - Typing 'last' in the console will report the last 10 players to disconnect and the length
          of time they've been disconnected.  The log size can be controlled in settings.qc.

        - I've reversed the default cycle-alternates toggle from off to on.

Version 0.9  Wed Jul 16 23:06:07 EST 2003

    - Bug Fixes

        - Gold key no longer appears when you join the game if it was visible in
          free look observer.

    - CVAR Changes

        - teamplay

            - TEAM_SELF_HEALTH_PROT and TEAM_SELF_ARMOR_PROT no longer require their
	      respective TEAM_HEALTH_PROT/TEAM_ARMOR_PROT bit settings to be set in
	      order for them to work.

        - scratch1

            - You can limit the maximum number of traps (per rune) that a player
              can leave on a level by adding the S1_MAX_TRAPS_FOR_LEVEL bit.

            - If you're just looking for a taste of runes, add S1_BASIC_RUNES
              to scratch1 and only the four basic runes will be permitted.  These
              are; strength, regeneration, resistance, and haste.

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - Repulsion and gravity well no longer use sys_ticrate as their nextthink.  This
          eliminates the need to change SUCK_FORCE/PUSH_FORCE with every tick change.

        - I switched RN_HEALTH with RN_STRENGTH to accomodate the S1_BASIC_RUNES

Version 0.8.2  Fri Apr 25 00:44:32 EST 2003

    - CVAR Changes

        - scratch1

            - You can limit the maximum number of traps (per rune) that a player
              can leave on a level by adding the S1_MAX_TRAPS_FOR_LEVEL bit.

            - If you're just looking for a taste of runes, add S1_BASIC_RUNES
              to scratch1 and only the four basic runes will be permitted.  These
              are; strength, regeneration, resistance, and haste.

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - I switched RN_HEALTH with RN_STRENGTH to accomodate the S1_BASIC_RUNES

    - Team Changes

        - Death traps are team distinguisable.

        - Ice traps are team distinguishable

        - Prevent shirt color from being changed when enforced teams

Version 0.8  Sun Apr 13 20:54:23 EST 2003

    Support for Quakeworld is back!  Version 0.7.5 is the only release that
    doesn't contain the merged sources for Quake and Quakeworld.

    - Bug Fixes

        - Recall was reporting the wrong set value for riders

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - I made use of parm14 for another field, rqflags.

    - Other Changes

        - By default, alternate weapons no longer cycle with impulse 10
          or impulse 12.  Use cycle-alternates to permit them.

        - Set FORWARD_MAX_PLAYERS to less than zero and it will forward all
          players and append [forward server] to the teamplay value.

Version 0.7.5  Sun Mar 16 01:07:11 EST 2003  [POQ ONLY RELEASE]

    - Bug Fixes

        - You will recloak if you continue to fire the nail or lightning gun [fixed]

    - Admin Changes

        - The admin menu is a bit more organized in that commands that are related
          have been grouped together in a sub-menu.

    - CVAR Changes

        - temp1

            - I added T1_HOOK_MODE_DEFAULT_ON, which turns on the default
              hook mode (in settings.qc).

            - Use T1_HOOK_NO_VOTE to disable vote-hook on the server.

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - The mod will detect a QSmack client determined by the ProQuake engine.

        - I've swapped out all non-standard ascii characters (fun names) to their
          ascii character number. [qccx related]

        - Many global strings have been initializaed instead of being declared
          and then set. [qccx related]

        - The mod now compiles with no warnings on any warning level when
          using frikqcc 2.5.  I've also changed the Makefile so that it
          won't ignore warnings by default.

        - I'm made considerable progress with the internal.qc project but
          I haven't had the chance to document it yet or its implementation
          into the mod.

    - Other Changes

        - Feature request for PK:  Disable hook when a weapon is fired.  See
          settings.qc (HOOK_CAMP_PROT).

        - You can now vote-hook to change mode of hook to free or lithium
          (this is determined in settings.qc (VOTE_HOOK_MODE) or turn it
          off (hook is a rune).  You can also set the default hook mode
          using VOTE_HOOK_MODE_DEFAULT.

        - I've added a new option in settings.qc that can set the default teamplay
          mode of the server when the server is empty (VOTE_TEAM_MODE_DEFAULT).

Version 0.6  Mon Oct 14 13:46:02 EST 2002

    The purpose of this release is to mark the seperation (and support) of
    the Quakeworld version of this mod.  This version will be the last
    version where the Quake and Quakeworld sources are merged.

Version 0.5.3  Sat Sep 07 09:18:36 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

        - [QUAKEWORLD] "The electric rune would occasionally crash the server
          when killing an opponent." [fixed]

        - I added misc_touch() which checks players, monsters, and radioactive
          containers for players on its surface.  This allows players to stand
          on or jump instead of sliding with no ability to move.

        - There are times when a zombie can't get up.  If this occurs for
          longer than 30 seconds, I force zombie_die().

        - "Fire traps can sometimes live under water, spray them into the
          water from near the top of the lift by pentagram in e2m5 and
          you'll occasionally get one which isn't extinguished." [fixed]

        - If you die with the phoenix rune just before the level changes,
          you no longer lose the rune.

        - The infamous

              > CALL0      637(???)
              >             : Killed
              >             : T_Damage
              >             : tdeath_touch
              > NULL function
              > Host_Error: Program error

	  bug has been squashed!  Killed() was calling self.th_die() which
	  when is NULL, crashes the server.

    - Level Changes

        - I replaced the nail gun with a super nail gun on E3M2.  I also
          added a red armor.

    - CVAR Changes

        - scratch1

            - You can prevent the levels from having additional items added or
              replaced.  This setting doesn't revert the changes that will
              allow the map to crash.

            - Some engines don't print the death messages (bprints) to the server
              console (specifically with dedicated servers).  This option
              will force these messages to the console.

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - I commented some code that will force a player to drop his armor
          when armor of a greater type is picked up.  See armor_touch() for
          more details.

        - You can control the intensity of either the gravity well or
          the repulsion rune from settings.qc.

    - Other Changes

        - The spawn shields no longer deactivate when picking up all items
          except power-ups.  You're also prohibited from firing for 1-2 seconds
          immediately after you respawn to prevent you from inadvertently
          losing your shields.

        - Flash grenades report "blindy by" messages to its victim.

Version 0.5  Sat Jun 29 16:42:54 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

        - You can no longer cripple (healthy) doors by freezing them.

	- Your radiation no longer heals you without the rune.

	- You are protected from your own death spots when you have the
	  self preservation rune.

    - Rune Changes

        - Environmental protection suit/rune protects against death spot
	  explosions, fire trap explosions, and repulsion.

    - Admin Changes

        - The admin-forward command was removed.

    - CVAR Changes

        - deathmatch

            - I added a new bit setting, DM_RANDOM_POWERUP_RESPAWN, which works
              the same way as when it was in settings.qc.  The number of minutes
              added is based on the value of SLOW_POWERUP_RESPAWN_TIME which is
              located in settings.qc.

        - gamecfg

            - You can set/change/disable the admin passcode by using this
              console variable.  The passcode has the same restrictions set
              forth in settings.qc.  A value of zero will force the game to
              use the passcode in settings.qc.  A negative value will disable

        - scratch1

            - I removed the ability to make the levels completely bright or
              dark.  See example.cfg for the new bit settings.

            - When S1_AMBIENT_SOUNDS_OFF is set, you will disable ambient
              sounds from the client as well.  This is not yet reversible.

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - The mod will only compile with qccx and compatible compilers.

        - I worked on some more warnings produced by the frikqcc compiler.

        - I finally synchronized TICK with sys_ticrate.

Version 0.2.8  Mon May 13 17:02:51 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

	Oops!  Some of the special characters (right pointing arrow, etc)
	were changed by my incorrectly configured text editor.  [fixed]

Version 0.2.7  Sun May 12 16:11:55 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

	- Dead bodies can no longer trigger buttons.

	- > If you ride a player, enter admin, change level, and then
	  > join the game, you join with the player your riding.  You can
	  > see through his eyes, yet you're in the game.  The server
	  > occasionally crashes too. [fixed]

    	- > Bombs placed under a lift while the lift is down causes the
	  > explosion to be felt on a good portion of the level. [fixed]

    	- > When a frozen shambler has exhausted its health, Freeze_Frozen()
	  > forces her origin back to the freeze trap. [fixed]

        - The hook releases from either the target or attacker when the Recall,
          Teleport, Phased, or Dual Recall rune is used or when attached to a
	  cowardly Shambler.

    - Rune Changes

	- The EP suit/rune is protected against hooks.

    - Other Changes

    	- Dropped powerups, armor, and backpacks blink before they expire.

Version 0.2.1  Tue Mar 12 21:33:50 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

        - Oops!  My recent changes to the environmental protection suit allowed
	  players to regenerate their health.  Since Rune_Enviro() uses .runetime,
	  this created problems for other rune types and would crash the server!
	  For now, I've disabled this feature.

Version 0.2  Tue Mar 05 15:44:01 EST 2002

    - Bug Fixes

        - Firing the lightning gun and super nail gun in safe water levels at
          certain angles will result in your ammo going straight ahead instead of
          following your player's angle.  This is fixed and should also correct the
          berserker rune/shaft oddity which caused the shaft to bob up and down.

    - Level Changes

        - I increased the default intensity for the "normal" lightstyle().

        - There are now two rocket launchers on E1M2; the original one has been
          replaced with red armor.

        - I added a grenade launcher and green armor to E2M4.

    - Sound Changes

        - I changed the sound heard when players first connect (shalrath/sight.wav).

        - Players in queue that enter the game will hear a loud popping
          sound (boss2/pop2.wav) to let them know they are in the game.

    - CVAR Changes

        - added scratch1 to control (see example.cfg)

            - lightstyle() intensity for all lights
            - turn off ambient_sound.
            - remove static light models

    - Notable Internal Changes

        - I'm using frikqcc to compile the distributions so you'll see a
          change in the Makefile.  You can download Frikqcc and a variety
          of other compilers at,

        - I cleaned up most of the code in misc.qc; any light related function
          was moved to light.qc.

        - All unused (by me) test functions were placed in a new file called

    - Other Changes

        - The environmental protection suit has all of the features that the
          rune has.

Version 0.1  Tue Jan 15 23:42:10 EST 2002

    - Initial release.