QSmack is a server administration tool for Quake (not QuakeWorld) servers: a program permanently connected to a server as a client with admin privileges, so that it can do anything a "real" admin could do (often automatically). It exists primarily because the "ban" console command in regular Quake is insufficient. That command does not allow multiple IP addresses or subnets to be banned. It also doesn't allow banning based on player's names. QSmack can do all that and more.

We use it on the C9 servers for banning problem players, handling various console functions remotely, and conversing with players in the game without needing to actually join the game. QSmack has been in operation on our servers for several months and has proven to be both stable and very useful. We have finally been convinced to produce a publically available version of QSmack, with all sorts of useful features:

Latest Update 04-17-00
News:        04-17-00
Source released.
QSmack:      08-27-97
v2.02, see news item
Server code: 01-04-98
CRCTF v2.7
Frontend:    08-27-97
v1.01; see news item

Think this sounds like something you could use to help administer your server?

Give it a try!

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